How Long Are Men’s Rehab Programs?

Did you know that approximately 15% of high schoolers report illicit or injection drug use? Early drug use can increase youth’s risks for substance use disorders in adulthood. It also is linked with increased risky sexual behavior, violence, and mental health illnesses.

Whether your addiction started young or in adulthood, a Men’s rehab program for drugs and alcohol offers tools to help you get back on track. From detox programs to outpatient therapy, there are several stages of recovery. Long-term abstinence requires patience and years of hard work.

Most of the long-term work is achieved through outpatient Men’s rehab programs or therapy. Yet, many individuals wonder how long it can take to reach that point. Our guide reviews how long men’s rehab programs take and which ones are ideal for you.

What Is Men’s Addiction Treatment in MA?

Men’s Addiction treatment or rehab programs are specialized facilities that address substance use disorders. A substance use disorder is a mental health disorder encompassing a dependency on drugs or alcohol. It can affect your mental, emotional, and physical health.How Long Are Men’s Rehab Programs?

Substance use disorders also negatively affect relationships and jobs and can increase your risk for criminal activity or hospitalization. Choosing an alcohol or drug rehab in MA is the first step on your sobriety path. There are several types of rehab programs, and each one can have varying lengths, such as:

Typically, the order listed above is the intensity of the program. Although, detox programs are usually shorter than residential stints and are solely designed to help a person safely manage withdrawal symptoms as they wean off a substance.

For example, an initial detox from alcohol can take around a week. However, time can vary based on how long a person has used a substance and the frequency of use.

How Long Does a Men’s Rehab Program Last?

Some men with mild substance use disorders may not need a detox program. Yet, once detox is completed or bypassed, residential or PHPs for Men are the two most common programs a person will enter.

Residential requires 24/7 care and can last months. It is very costly, and insurance coverage may vary. PHPs are also extremely time-intensive but do not require an overnight stay. These Men’s rehab programs are ideal for men who meet the following:

  • Transitioning from a residential program
  • Cannot afford a residential program
  • Want to remain overnight in a supportive home

Men’s PHP rehab will focus on similar interventions used in residential treatment, including individual therapy, group therapy, and evidence-based practices. Men’s rehab lengths will vary depending on the substance and severity.

Maintaining abstinence is a years-long process. You will likely need ongoing counseling and support during this period. Achieving early abstinence through intensive programs usually takes around three months.

How Long Is a Men’s IOP?

Men’s IOP is ideal for men who do not need medical monitoring. Clients attending a PHP spend most of their day and week in a rehab facility. Afterward, clients will likely need to continue their rehab through two primary options:

The benefit of an IOP over outpatient therapy is the amount of skilled therapy daily. You will spend more hours on coping and recovery skills that you can use in real-world scenarios. Outpatient therapy is less time-intensive and may not be ideal for individuals at a higher risk for relapse.

An IOP or outpatient therapy might be your first step for men with mild substance use disorders. Since recovery is a lifelong process, it is hard to pinpoint how long you may need in an outpatient setting. Additionally, withdrawal symptoms can persevere for months, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Cravings

Protracted withdrawal symptoms may increase your risk of relapse. Medication-assisted treatment and other interventions could be useful during this period.

Studies have found that relapse risks are highest one month to one year following discharge. During the first year, you must enroll in an outpatient program or other counseling.

Should You Attend a Men’s Rehab Program?

A Men’s Drug and alcohol rehab in MA is worth the time and expense. The cost of drug or substance use is substantial. For example, excessive alcohol consumption accounts for $191 billion lost annually.

Nearly 77% of those costs are related to work productivity. Legal and medical expenses are also a large portion of those expenses. How Long Are Men’s Rehab Programs?

Luckily, more insurance companies are covering various addiction treatment programs. Overcoming addiction can also lead to long-term health and relationship benefits. There are two crucial concepts to remember when attending a men’s rehab program.

First, relapse is prevalent, but several interventions can help. Relapse prevention therapy utilizes cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to help maintain long-term recovery.

Next, many people can achieve long-term success after attending rehab. While addiction recovery is a long road, professional tools are helpful.

Around nine percent of adults are in recovery from a substance use disorder. This same study also shows that about three out of four individuals with an addiction will recover.

Start Overcoming Your Addiction

Men’s rehab program in MA can give you the tools needed to start your recovery road. We specialize in PHPs and IOPs for men’s rehab at Paramount Recovery Centers.

You can attend intensive sessions utilizing several evidence-based practices while returning home at night. Whether you need medical assistance or long-term abstinence care, we can help you.

Are you ready to start your road to sobriety? We have helped several individuals such as yourself. Contact us today and learn more about our admissions!

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