How Does an Outpatient Alcohol Men’s Rehab Program Work?

In 2019, 7% of men had an alcohol use disorder. Also, almost 59% of men reported drinking alcohol in the last 30 days and are nearly 2 times more likely to binge drink than women.

While some people drink to relax, others use it as an escape from reality and to numb pain. In any case, alcohol use disorder sneaks up on you before you know it, and it can be tough to beat addiction.

Thankfully, there are Men’s Rehab Programs for Alcohol Addiction that can help, such as intensive outpatient alcohol rehab.

First, You Need to Complete an Intake

When you first sign up for a Men’s alcohol and drug rehab in MA, they’ll perform intake.

You’ll go over your medical history with a staff member. Then, you’ll discuss your alcohol usage and what you hope to achieve from rehab. That way, they can tailor the program, so you have the best chances of success.

If You Get Sick When You Stop Drinking Alcohol, You Need and Alcohol Detox

How Does an Outpatient Alcohol Men’s Rehab Program Work?If your alcohol dependence is intense, then you may have to go through detox under medical supervision. It’s dangerous to quit cold turkey, as it can lead to seizures or even death.

In medication-assisted treatment (MAT), medical professionals will taper your alcohol usage slowly to help you avoid adverse effects. They can also prescribe medications to make things safer and more comfortable.

Types of Men’s Rehab Program Therapy for Alcohol Addiction

The main venue for healing and recovering from alcohol use disorder is therapy. There are several types you’ll experience in alcohol rehab, so let’s explore each one in detail below.

Individual Therapy for Men

You can’t heal unless you know the cause of your “injury”. This goes for both physical and mental health.

Often, we self-medicate by using drugs and alcohol. So it’s no surprise that in 2020, 17 million American adults had a dual diagnosis of substance abuse and mental illness.

In individual therapy, you’ll work with a professional therapist to get to the root of what drives your alcohol use. Usually, it’s past traumas you’re trying to forget, which makes trauma-informed therapy appropriate here.

Once you’ve figured out the cause of your drinking, then you can work on healthier outlets. For example, you’ll go through cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which can help you change your train of thought. If you have cravings, you can use these effective tools to fight them off.

Other types of therapy include holistic therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, and relapse prevention therapy. These all aim to heal both the physical and mental sides of addiction to prevent relapse.

Group Therapy for Men

Group therapy is also crucial in recovery, as it helps you feel not so alone. You’ll be surrounded by other people who are going through the same thing, which can be inspiring and motivational.

Sharing your progress in these sessions is also a win-win situation. Not only do you get to verbalize your accomplishments and acknowledge them, but others can draw inspiration from you too.

It’s common for licensed therapists to combine group therapy with other therapies, such as mindfulness stress reduction.

Keeping in touch with your friends from group therapy after you’ve left rehab can be invaluable too. You’ll have friends who are also in recovery and you can do activities that don’t involve alcohol. Plus, you can call and support one another if relapse seems imminent.

Family Therapy for Men

Substance abuse can wedge between you and your loved ones, especially when you’re not acting like your usual self. It can also be difficult for your family members if they don’t understand addiction.

There’s no doubt that alcohol use disorder can tear apart close bonds and relationships. But family therapy can help mend things for a brighter future.

This type of family therapy for men offers a safe space where everyone can understand each other better. The experienced therapist will not only help repair relationships but also teach your loved ones how to recognize signs of relapse. Most importantly, they’ll teach your family members how to support you without enabling your alcohol abuse.

In the end, your family will come out stronger. This can set the stage for avoiding relapse.

A General Overview of Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Men’s Rehab

You can receive all the above therapies in inpatient rehab, so there’s no difference in services here. However, inpatient rehab requires you to live at the facility for an extended period of time, which isn’t feasible if you’ve got responsibilities you can’t drop. Not to mention, inpatient rehab is also more expensive, which makes it not financially viable forHow Does an Outpatient Alcohol Men’s Rehab Program Work? some.

Outpatient Men’s rehab programs allow you to get intense treatment without having to take time off work or find childcare. You’ll be able to fit recovery into your busy schedule. And because it’s more affordable, you won’t have added financial stress.

In men’s rehab, you’ll be amongst other men in recovery. There are fewer distractions since the opposite sex won’t be present. The treatment is customized to handle men-specific issues, such as toxic masculinity.

In this program, you’ll likely make friends for life. This helps you build a robust support system that keeps you away from alcohol abuse.

Look Into an Outpatient Alcohol Men’s Rehab Program

An outpatient alcohol men’s rehab program can assist you with recovery. And better yet, it won’t have much impact on your daily schedule. Plus, it’ll be more affordable than inpatient rehab, which makes it more accessible.

So if you’re struggling with alcohol use and need external help, don’t hesitate to reach out. Plenty of qualified professionals will ensure you’re not alone in the journey to sobriety. You deserve to be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself!

Are you looking for alcohol rehab in MA? Then contact Paramount Recovery Centers today. We handle all sorts of addiction treatment in MA.

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