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Drug and alcohol addiction in Massachusetts changes the course of a person’s life. When an addiction to drugs and alcohol forms, a person may find it nearly impossible to stop using the substance. Even when they want to see change and get healthy, it may feel like too much of a challenge. Medication-assisted treatment programs in MA can help with this. As one of the substance use disorder treatment programs in Massachusetts that we offer at Paramount Recovery Centers, it can give you the support you need to stop using for good.

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When a person is dependent on drugs or alcohol, the brain’s chemistry is altered. It becomes so reliant on those substances that it seeks them out repeatedly. When there is no access to the drugs, a person feels intense cravings and can feel withdrawal symptoms. This may include muscle and bone pain, headaches, insomnia, and agitation. Some people experience hallucinations, paranoia, and anxiety as well. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) works to combat this. In very bad withdrawals it may be imperative to attend a detox for drugs and alcohol in MA.

Medication-assisted treatment works very effectively at helping to stop withdrawal symptoms from opiates and opioids and cravings by tricking the brain into believing the substances are present. Soon, these medications work to stop the dependency, allowing a person to stop using all drugs and alcohol without feeling intense pain.


In MAT, a person has been prescribed particular medications that help keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. The medications used are based on the type of drug or alcohol addiction a person has. Once these medications begin working, they can offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Eliminating intense cravings
  • Enabling a person to participate more fully in therapy
  • Reducing withdrawal symptoms, which can help a person to avoid relapse
  • Creating more mental stability which may allow a person to address mental health disorders
  • Reducing the risk of relapse and overdose

The benefits of MAT are clear, but this type of treatment is just one component of a much larger treatment plan. Medications alone cannot cure substance use disorder.


After a person receives a full assessment to determine the severity of their substance abuse and dependency, a team of therapists and doctors works to create an individualized addiction treatment plan.

When a medication-assisted treatment program is used, it may take some time to get the right dose and specific medication in place. Many people need a combination of treatments or may need their medications adjusted over time.

In addition to MAT, addiction treatment always includes psychotherapy. Talk therapy is a powerful tool for improving overall health and creating opportunities for true healing. This includes cognitive-behavioral therapy, which can help a person change their thinking patterns to create more promising outcomes. It may also include holistic treatment to help improve the body and mind.

Many people engage in substance use disorder treatment in various forms. That includes individual and group therapy. It may also include family therapy, depending on the situation.

At Paramount Recovery Centers in Southborough, MA we offer a wide range of tools to help people to heal fully from drug and alcohol dependence. Our luxury substance use disorder treatment center provides access to outstanding therapists and a team dedicated to providing you with the best way forward. Some of our substance abuse programs and services include:

Substance Use Disorder Treatment in Massachusetts

At Paramount Recovery Centers in Southborough, MA we understand that every person’s struggle with substance use disorder is different. Still, our remarkable recovery community helps foster the dialogue, friendship, patience, and trust that individuals need in order to build their foundation for recovery from substance abuse. We believe that substance abuse recovery should be a beautiful and profound experience. Whether you are overcoming substance use disorder by itself – or alongside another mental health condition, our substance abuse therapy programs in Massachusetts promote recovery and healing. We customize our Massachusetts drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs to meet the needs of every person who walks through our door.

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When substance abuse in MA takes hold of your life, it’s important to recognize that the problem isn’t going to solve itself. Seeking professional substance use disorder treatment in MA for addiction to drugs and alcohol can be life-saving. At our Massachusetts drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, you can begin again with an exciting future ahead of you. Learn more about our admissions process today by calling 833.772.7287 or completing our online form.

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