Evening IOP offers flexible and comprehensive treatment that allows individuals to make strides toward achieving long-term recovery without having to compromise work, school, or family responsibilities.

Evening Intensive Outpatient Treatment

One of the most unfortunate consequences of the coronavirus pandemic has been the rise in substance use disorders among Americans.

Sadly, mental health issues and misuse of stimulants and opioids have been increasing in the last few years. If you have been struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs in Massachusetts, you might be wondering what your addiction treatment options are when it comes to getting help. When most people think of drug and alcohol rehab, they think of inpatient treatment programs. This is where an individual steps outside of their daily lives and stays at a clinic 24/7.

While this kind of addiction treatment in Massachusetts can be very beneficial for some people, others might not need this level of addiction treatment in Massachusetts. Additionally, they might not be able to so fully step outside of their lives and responsibilities. When work and family life is the thing that might not be able to be put on hold at this moment then an option is available to help with substance use disorder in Massachusetts.

If that sounds like your situation, you might be interested in an Evening IOP in MA by Paramount Recovery Centers.

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