Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) encourages individuals with drug or alcohol abuse disorders to make positive life changes by developing self-motivation, shifting away from negative behaviors, and embracing a healthier lifestyle.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy For Addiction

Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) is a motivational psychology method created to quickly bring about internally motivated change.

This is not a step-by-step approach where the therapist guides the client through the process but rather uses motivational methods to utilize the client’s own ability to change. There is an initial assessment session followed by two to four individual therapy sessions. The idea is to help the client find self-motivating proclamations to aid them in changing their addictive behaviors. This has been shown to be more effective in getting clients to engage in their own struggle for sobriety rather than dealing with the addiction itself.

At Paramount Recovery Centers, we provide a wide range of addiction therapy programs to help people begin and maintain their recovery. One of our most effective addiction treatment methods is motivational enhancement therapy, which has proved to be effective for many people. If you or a loved one may benefit from motivational enhancement therapy, reach out to our team today by completing our online contact form.

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