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As a powerful opioid, heroin is an addictive and illicit drug that can seem to take over a person’s life and health. Using this drug can create addiction and dependence, even in the short term. Once this occurs, it can be hard to stop using, even if you want to do so. That is when a heroin addiction treatment program in Massachusetts becomes necessary. The comprehensive heroin addiction treatment program at Paramount Recovery Centers provides the resources you need to stop using heroin for good.

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When a person uses heroin, their brain chemistry is affected. The drug changes the way the brain functions, creating dependence. Over time, a person feels so reliant on the drug that they feel intense cravings and physical signs such as pain and insomnia if they try to stop using it. This happens because of the way the drug interacts with the brain’s pleasure center. There, it creates a feel-good high that people want to keep experiencing. Once the brain and body are dependent, professional addiction treatment is usually the only way to stop using.

A person may benefit from a heroin addiction treatment program if they:

  • Feel intense cravings to use the drug
  • Tried to stop using and failed to do so
  • Use a lot of the drug and cannot control how much they are using
  • Feel pain, stress, and anxiety when they try to stop using
  • Have overdosed before after trying to stop using
  • Experience severe physical withdrawal symptoms when they stop using heroin
  • Have worsening physical or mental health effects as a result of their substance abuse

Experiencing just one or two of these symptoms can be a sign of drug addiction, and targeted treatment at a heroin addiction treatment program in Massachusetts can help you break free and start the recovery process.


Deciding to get help is lifesaving, but it can be hard to do because of the unknown. Unlike what you may see on TV, heroin treatment programs in MA are designed to be welcoming, comfortable spaces where you’ll work closely with licensed professionals and others facing the same challenges you are. During heroin addiction treatment in MA, you’ll have access to our luxury facility, where you’ll enjoy a beautiful, secluded outdoor area and ample privacy.

Once you receive a full assessment, an individualized treatment program is created for you. This treatment program may include various types of therapy such as:

  • Medication-assisted therapy: This will help you stop using heroin without feeling withdrawal symptoms or cravings. It can help to make no longer using a bit easier to do.
  • Evidence-based therapy: Using programs such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy, your therapist will work with you on overcoming the damage caused by addiction.
  • Holistic therapy: Many people also benefit from holistic therapy programs such as mindfulness-based stress reduction. Even spending time in nature can help a person to heal.
  • Family therapy: A core component of therapy often revolves around healing the family unit so that all members can support a person in recovery. Family therapy takes time and can be very effective at restoring confidence.
  • Long-term therapy: Ongoing support and therapy are critical for anyone with heroin addiction. 

Together, these styles of therapy can help our clients overcome lingering symptoms of heroin withdrawal, alleviate invasive drug cravings, and provide several tools and skills to help them resist future relapse.


Addiction treatment services come in several different levels of care. At Paramount Recovery Centers, we focus on outpatient addiction treatment programs. Clients can continue living at home or in supportive recovery housing while benefitting from the best evidence-based treatment methods.

Outpatient treatment has several advantages over residential addiction treatment centers. Rather than entirely removing people from triggering environments and everyday stressors, our outpatient heroin addiction treatment program in Massachusetts teaches people the skills to overcome their substance addiction in the real world.

Depending on the level of care, people attending an outpatient program can also continue working, keeping up with family responsibilities, and fulfilling social obligations while seeking treatment. Your whole life doesn’t have to be put on hold to achieve addiction recovery; you can get the help you need on a schedule that works for you.


A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is the most intensive form of outpatient addiction treatment. Clients at a PHP attend treatment for several hours at a time, most days of the week. During this period, they receive targeted treatments for both their physical and mental health, including:

  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Group therapy programs
  • Individual therapy
  • Mental health services
  • Life skills training

Once the treatment day is completed, they return to their own homes, communities, and families. This provides the opportunity for real-world application of the skills learned in treatment and helps people build recovery networks outside of treatment that can last a lifetime.


An intensive outpatient program (IOP) provides several of the same treatment options as a PHP but in a somewhat more relaxed format. In terms of time commitment, PHPs can be thought of as full-time jobs, whereas IOPs would be like working part-time.

IOPs are ideal for clients who require a high level of addiction care but have time-intensive responsibilities that they need to maintain. People in an IOP can still go to work or school while receiving treatment and have more time to spend with their family members and friends.

In addition, our IOP heroin addiction treatment program in Massachusetts offers several different ways to get the help you need, including:

  • Daytime IOP: In our standard model of IOP, people attend treatment during the day and have the afternoons and evenings left free
  • Evening IOP: For people who have responsibilities during the daytime, Evening IOP offers group counseling and substance use treatment options during the evenings
  • Virtual IOP: Virtual IOP programs have flexible time schedules and are ideal for people who can’t travel back and forth from a treatment facility

IOPs are an effective tool for treating heroin abuse, no matter what stage of addiction you’re in, how long you’ve used heroin, or what your unique circumstances may be.


The outpatient program at Paramount Recovery Centers is our least time-intensive option. It provides a valuable step down in care for people who have completed a PHP or IOP. These programs meet just a few times a week for a few hours at a time and provide long-lasting support for addiction recovery.


Recovery doesn’t stop after you complete an addiction treatment program. Instead, it’s a lifelong journey that requires a consistent pattern of growth, accountability, and deliberate action.

The aftercare program at Paramount Recovery Centers helps our former clients continue this process and provides long-lasting support while they continue to build stronger and healthier lives in recovery. An aftercare program can provide:

  • Continued access to your treatment team
  • Alumni support groups
  • Group activities
  • Resources for recovery in your community

Research has shown that participating in an aftercare program after you’ve completed a more conventional style of treatment can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving long-term abstinence.

While all of our clients have the necessary tools and skills to sustain their sobriety after completing care, our aftercare programs can help you to stay accountable to your goals.


Dual-diagnosis treatment isn’t quite a level of care but rather a style of addiction treatment that focuses on helping people overcome co-occurring mental health concerns. Nearly 40% of people with a substance use disorder have a co-occurring mental illness, such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Many people with mental health disorders turn to drug abuse as a form of self-medication, whether they know the underlying cause of their problems or not.

At our dual-diagnosis program, our clients receive integrated mental health and addiction treatment services, allowing them to achieve holistic mental health in their personal recovery journeys.

If a mental illness is left untreated, the risk of relapse after completing treatment is greatly increased. Additionally, many people will drop out of treatment early if they don’t find relief for their emotional and behavioral symptoms. Dual-diagnosis care can help bridge this gap and provide effective and holistic treatment services.

Dual-diagnosis treatment can include several different targeted methods, including:

  • Specialized therapy options
  • Medication management under the care of a psychiatrist
  • Mental health support groups

These treatments are carefully integrated with evidence-based treatments for substance use disorders and provide the gold standard of care for addiction recovery.


Our heroin addiction treatment facility in Massachusetts is designed to be a place where you feel welcome and supported. You do not have to face heroin addiction and dependence on your own or feel like you cannot heal from the damage it caused in your life. The better option is to work closely with our team of substance abuse recovery professionals to create a path forward that fits your best outcome.

We understand how difficult living with a heroin addiction can be. Substance use disorders can lead people to feel as though there is no hope for recovery. 

However, our experience has shown us that anyone can break free from addiction if they take the essential step of seeking out professional addiction care at our heroin addiction treatment center.


If you suffer from heroin dependence in MA, you are probably aware of it already. Heroin addiction doesn’t have to destroy your life. The right combination of outpatient heroin addiction treatment, family therapy, and other programs can help you get you back on your feet and on with your life. If you are ready to start working towards a solid change, the professionals at Paramount Recovery Centers can help you get started.

Connect with our team to learn more about our alcohol treatment programs and therapies by contacting us online or calling 833.772.7287 to start making the right moves.

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