How to Find a Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Centers Near Me

People with mental health concerns have a higher risk of abusing tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. This often results in co-occurring disorders in which the individual suffers from both mental and substance abuse disorders.

Unfortunately, too few of these individuals receive dual treatment for both disorders. Far fewer people get any treatment at all. This is severely dangerous and could lead to greater health issues, overdoses, or suicides.

Do you or a loved one suffer from a co-occurring disorder? You must ask, “Where can I find co-occurring disorder treatment centers near me?” Read on for more information.

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Centers Near Me

Perhaps you have some hesitancy about treatment centers, and you don’t want your loved one or yourself to be taken away from your daily life. The good news is that intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are just as effective as inpatient treatment in most cases. These programs allow you to get the help you need while still managing your responsibilities at home.

Those looking for mental health and addiction treatment in MA will get excellent care at Paramount Recovery Centers. We offer careful and compassionate dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders. Our IOP allows patients to get all the treatment they need while still being able to return home.

Different Options for IOP in MA

Different patients have different needs. We offer IOP options based on gender, flexibility, and even distance from our facility.

Men’s IOP in MA

Men often need recovery environments that feel more relaxed. Moreover, they can become distracted by the opposite sex.

Having men recover together allows them to be open and honest without fear of making culturally inappropriate statements. They can also form bonds with other men who can encourage them and keep them accountable on their healing journeys.

Women’s IOP in MA

Women require a level of comfort and support different than that of men. Moreover, men may be distracting to the environment. Some women’s abuse may have been related to a bad relationship with a man, and a male presence could be triggering.

Women, in general, face different struggles than men, and they are often more comfortable sharing them with other women. This is why they often do best in our women’s IOP.

Evening IOP in MA

The evening IOP may be a great option for those with a day job, kids to pick up from school, and meetings to attend. While it’s only in the evening, it’s still intensive. The three to five evenings of treatment can add up to around nine to ten hours of care, ensuring you get all the help you need.

Virtual IOP

Those who don’t live in the area or are still worried about COVID can take advantage of our virtual IOP.

This allows patients to dial in on a video chat and attend their meetings from a location of their choice. This makes for excellent flexibility, and we’ve seen wonderful results from the virtual IOP.

Get the Care You Need

Are you asking, “Where can I find co-occurring disorder treatment centers near me?” Paramount Recovery Centers is here for you.

Far too many people are not getting the treatment we need. Our facility, especially through virtual treatment, allows us to give help to those in Massachusetts and elsewhere. Get in touch with us today.

Paramount Recovery Center’s Substance Use Disorder Treatment in MA for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

When you come to Paramount Recovery Centers IOP in Massachusetts, we aim to make you feel as welcome as possible. We recognize that many individuals dependent on drugs or alcohol struggle to deal with trauma, rage, guilt, or anxiety. We will do everything possible to make guests feel at ease and secure.

We provide various options for men’s and women’s IOP in MA, including Virtual IOP and Evening IOP. You can learn more about our intensive outpatient program by giving us a call or reaching us through our online contact form.

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