Virtual IOP offers an effective alternative to traditional in-person IOP treatment, allowing individuals to choose from morning, noon, or evening therapy sessions. By opting for online IOP, clients can save on travel expenses, childcare, and other associated costs while receiving comprehensive and convenient treatment from the comfort of their own homes.

What is a Virtual IOP in MA?

In 2020, roughly 13% of Americans started or increased their substance use due to the stress of the pandemic.

Even today, this problem is still at large, and it could be a lot worse without the help that’s available now. This is why it’s essential to look at what options are available for substance misuse. One option is a virtual IOP: a virtual Intensive Outpatient Program in Massachusetts.

When the COVID pandemic arrived on the shores of the United States, many people were unable to attend important IOP sessions in Massachusetts. This meant that many people had to miss out on their IOP in MA. After all, there was a long list of reasons people couldn’t attend programs—from lockdowns to vaccination waits. When people weren’t attending addiction treatment programs in Massachusetts, it became a problem, as many were in danger of slipping back into negative behavior patterns.

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