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Cocaine Addiction Treatment Programs in Massachusetts


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Cocaine is a highly addictive and dangerous drug, one that can create numerous health risks for people with certain genetic predispositions and environments. Cocaine addiction and dependence can cause a person to struggle with numerous problems, including relationship concerns, mental health disorders, and even a shortened lifespan. Substance use disorder treatment programs in MA designed specifically to address cocaine addiction can help. At Paramount Recovery Centers in Southborough, MA, we offer a full cocaine addiction treatment center providing exceptional access to innovative therapies and strategies.

Cocaine substance use disorder treatment program in Massachusetts | Paramount Recovery Center in southborough, MA | PHP IOP OP in MA


There is no safe level of cocaine use. It can lead to an overdose at any time. In today’s age, it can even be cut with fentanyl. Other times, consistent or high amounts of use can lead to addiction and dependence, putting a person’s life at risk. There are some signs that a cocaine addiction treatment center in MA may be a critical investment right now:

  • Needing to use more cocaine to get the same high
  • Feeling intense cravings or thinking about cocaine use frequently
  • Struggling with relationships or maintaining responsibilities 
  • Feeling of anxiety, hallucinations, or paranoia when not using
  • Periods of missing time or blackouts 
  • Health complication development from cocaine use

Cocaine dependence occurs when a person compulsively engages in cocaine use, often unable to stop even though they understand that continuing is risky to them. Cocaine dependence leads to intense muscle and bone pain, hallucinations, high levels of agitation, and an inability to sleep when not using the drug. 


A cocaine addiction treatment program like this aims to help break cocaine substance use disorder and dependency. This is done through two components – breaking the physical demands of the drug and therapy to overcome the negative behavior that leads to cocaine addiction. To get started, a person may use a medication to help ease the withdrawal symptoms and craving they have. These medications work to fool the brain into thinking a person is still using the drug. That allows them to slowly stop using without feeling the intensity of addiction withdrawal. 

The second component is therapy. Cocaine abuse and dependence destroy families, lead to health problems, and create difficulty with life skills. Substance use disorder therapy for cocaine helps to rebuild that through a series of treatments. Over several sessions, a person learns how to become self-reliant, self-aware of their thoughts and feelings, and capable of reacting in a positive manner even to high levels of stress.

At Paramount Recovery Centers in Southborough, MA, we offer a range of therapy programs as a part of our cocaine use disorder treatment program in MA that may help you regain skills and abilities. Some of those include:

Through a combined focus on all of these areas, it’s possible to emerge from treatment without feeling as though addiction to cocaine defines who you are or what you have to offer. 


Whether you have a loved one using cocaine or you are struggling to stop using cocaine yourself, our team can help you overcome these challenges. We offer a secluded, serene area for you to spend time working solely on yourself and your needs. Here, you’ll enjoy our luxury addiction treatment amenities in MA and resources while working closely with master-level clinicians. We’ll also provide you with some of today’s most innovative programs to support your recovery. Building addiction recovery starts with making a call to our team.


As a comprehensive cocaine substance use disorder treatment center in MA, Paramount Recovery Centers offers the tools and resources you need to start on the path towards addiction recovery. Every situation is a challenge, but with the right support and surroundings, you can comprehensively change the outcome of any program. To get started, connect with us now online to learn more.

Learn more about our intensive outpatient day treatment program in MA or family program today by calling 833.772.7287 or completing our online contact form.

PHP Treatment in MA

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is similar to our intensive outpatient program. However, individuals in a PHP are medically monitored during their visits. Our partial hospitalization program in MA provides a robust substance use disorder treatment schedule while allowing individuals to return home in the evenings. At Paramount Recovery Centers in Southborough, MA, our substance abuse therapists will evaluate your needs for recovery and create an individualized custom treatment plan.

IOP Treatment in MA

Also known as intensive outpatient treatment, our IOP day treatment program in MA allows guests to attend therapy and process group sessions during the day while giving them the freedom to return home in the evenings. The main advantage of our IOP in Massachusetts is that clients can maintain their work, school, or family schedules while taking control of their recovery from substance use disorder. Our Paramount Recovery Centers team will work with your family to determine if our intensive outpatient program in MA is right for you.


12-Step Program

At Paramount Recovery Centers in Southborough, MA each of our 12-step-informed programs offers the skills and strategies that have proven to be the most effective for helping people have a lasting recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. Completing the 12 steps allows chemically dependent individuals to control cravings long enough to overcome the denial and guilt that have been holding them hostage.


Men's Rehab Program

A men’s rehab program for drugs and alcohol may provide a clear avenue to help make that possible. Entering into one of the substance use disorder treatment programs for Men shows you care about your life, health, and friends. It’s one of the addiction treatment programs we offer at Paramount Recovery Centers in Southborough, MA.

Women's Rehab Program

For a Women's rehab program to be effective, a person has to open up and feel comfortable. That’s why many people benefit from a gender-specific program. In a women’s rehab program for substance use disorder, it is possible to gain insight, support, and compassion to facilitate healing and substance abuse recovery. 


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