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Men’s Rehab Program for Drugs and Alcohol: Does It Really Work?

Did you know that around 275 million people used drugs globally in 2021?

Drug addiction is a common and frustrating disease you can hardly overcome alone. For this reason, several rehab programs are available today to help you deal with it.

Regardless of your specific addiction, there is a Men’s rehab program for it. Men’s rehab programs are a type of program that is gender-specific and helps cater to males.

This makes it more effective than non-gendered programs since it specializes mainly in men’s needs. A lot of people think complete sobriety is the ultimate goal for rehab. However, several benefits of rehab answer the question, “Does rehab work?”

This article discusses men’s rehab program for alcohol and drugs and whether it works.

How to Measure Addiction Treatment Outcomes

Drug addiction is clinically referred to as a substance use disorder. However, it’s a chronic disease. As with other chronic diseases such as hypertension or diabetes, there are no cures, only treatments.

Monitoring addiction treatment in Massachusetts is the only way to establish whether a Men’s rehab program has worked. Men and women have different social and physiological challenges regarding addiction.

Drug addiction and drug addiction treatment in Massachusetts is a personal journey, and people react to it differently. There are no set global criteria to determine the effectiveness of particular addiction treatment.

This is because a patient may completely stop using these substances but still show signs of disruptive behavior. These include relapses, and violent outbursts, among others.

The best way to ensure effective treatment is to find a facility that treats the substance abuse and the patient. When seeking addiction treatment in MA, ensure the facility is credible.

A reliable Men’s Rehab facility offers comprehensive treatment for all male patients.

Criteria for Measuring the Effectiveness of Addiction Treatment for Men

Men’s rehab programs vary in terms of their definition of success. Addiction treatment for men is meant to accomplish various goals. These include:

  • Improved physical health
  • Reduced substance abuse frequency
  • More extended periods between relapses
  • Improved mental health

Effective addiction treatment in a men’s rehab program is significant once you’ve monitored a patient and noticed the above results. The addiction treatment was probably ineffective if a patient is constantly abusing drugs and alcohol or has frequent relapses.

A Drug Rehab in MA must monitor each patient’s progress to establish any setbacks by patients beforehand. This will allow you to address them as they emerge.

After the addiction treatment, monitoring will also help patients maintain long-term recovery and complete sobriety.

Advantages of Men’s Rehab Program

A men’s drug rehab is specifically tailored to cater to the needs of men struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. All Men’s rehab programs aim to help overcome addiction. However, gender-specific facilities offer a different approach to their treatment.

There are different challenges that men and women face during their treatment period which require specific help. If looking for alcohol rehab in MA, opting for a males-only facility is advisable.

These programs understand men’s specific challenges and how to help them fully recover. A vital advantage of a men’s rehab program is assisting the men in opening up. During addiction, men deal with anger management, social pressure, repressed emotions, and violent behavior.

Admitting to these issues may prove difficult in a mix-gender facility. However, if it’s a men’s only program, they are not limited and can speak freely without fear of judgment.

Why Relapses Happen and How to Prevent Them

Relapses are when you go back to substance abuse even after treatment. They are very common in chronic diseases and do not necessarily mean that the treatment did not work.

It’s close to impossible to achieve complete sobriety and detox after your recovery journey. This is because addiction is a life-long commitment that requires a lot of effort and discipline.

Regular therapy reduces your cravings, and you are less likely to feel the urge to drink or use drugs. However, once you’re stressed or under a lot of pressure, the urge may come back, leading to a relapse.

To prevent constant relapses, you should attend treatment programs more regularly. This will help you overcome triggers that lead to relapses.

It would be best if you also enrolled in long-term sobriety treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mutual support groups, somatic experiences, and exercises. These forms of therapy help reduce triggering events and provide a community where patients feel safe in.

Men’s Rehab Success Rates

When considering what men’s alcohol rehab to choose, it’s essential to establish their success rates. This is the percentage of their patients that have achieved sobriety.

It’s important to note that the success rate does not mean a higher percentage. A facility with a 60% success rate may be better than one with 90%. This is because the one with 90% may have a high percentage since no clients came back for a second stay at the center.

The other facility with a 60% success rate is more accurate since it means they have tracked their clients after treatment to confirm sobriety. An effective program should be credible enough in a way patients who have relapses would trust them enough to go back.

Ensure you ask about the kind of treatments being used at a facility as well as the qualifications of the clinicians. This measure will give you an overview of what to expect in terms of their success rate.

Men’s Rehab Program for Drugs and Alcohol

Several Men’s rehab programs help patients suffering from drug addiction achieve sobriety. Men and women face different challenges on their recovery journey.

For this reason, it’s advisable to opt for a gender-specific facility, for example, a men’s rehab program.

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