How Do I Pick The Right PHP or IOP in Massachusetts?

Deciding to seek help for a loved one struggling with addiction in Massachusetts is not easy. It’s hard to know where to start or what questions to ask. Outpatient rehab is a popular treatment option, but it can be challenging to determine which program is suitable for you or your family. Paramount Recovery Centers will help you understand the different types of outpatient rehab in Massachusetts and how to go about choosing the right one for you or your loved one.

The number of adults struggling with drug and alcohol abuse has reached 23 million, which means that you are not alone in MA if you are affected by this problem. The bad news is only 10% of individuals receive treatment for substance use disorder, so there’s plenty out there who need help but don’t know where or how to find it. Enrolling in an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab facility in Massachusetts like Paramount Recovery Centers is one way to treat addiction while still having a home life.

Many people struggle with what to do when they have a problem with substance use disorder in MA. With over 14,000 addiction treatment facilities in America and many outpatient rehabilitation centers available, it can be hard to determine which one best suits your needs. 

Determine Your Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Needs in Massachusetts

If you need help with your substance use disorder, the drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility must match what exactly you are going through. In many cases, even facilities specializing in one issue use methods different from each other when measuring successful recovery because everyone’s goal may be slightly different. Defined by themselves during addiction treatment means considering things like how long they have been addicted to drugs and alcohol.

The next step in getting sober is to establish whether you have any underlying issues that need treatment. For example, would achieving 30 days or one-year be a success for someone who wants long-term sobriety? 

Once we know this about ourselves, our chances of finding an appropriate rehab facility improve significantly.

Talk to the Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Provider in Massachusetts

At Paramount Recovery Centers, we want you to be comfortable with choosing your addiction treatment facility in Massachusetts. Therefore, we suggest giving us a call at (833) 772-7287 to answer all your questions and concerns about our outpatient day treatment program in MA for substance use disorder.  

We can help you decide what would be of more benefit: the PHP program or the IOP program at our Southborough, MA facility. While both are outstanding in the field of treatment for addiction. One does require more time than the other. So finding what would provide the best recovery while still giving the individual enough time for work and family is where we can help. 

Length of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program in MA

An important thing for those struggling with addiction is to know the steps needed for successful substance abuse treatment. Successful drug and alcohol treatment starts by determining whether you have any underlying issues that could use therapy during one’s time at a PHP or IOP outpatient treatment facility in MA. First, an individual must finish detoxification before moving onto more advanced stages such as getting PHP or IOP. Many individuals feel that ongoing therapy for substance use disorder helps them in their day-to-day lives.

When you start with a PHP program in Massachusetts,

you will attend therapy, individual and group counseling five days a week, five hours a day. Partial Hospitalization is the highest level of outpatient care in Massachusetts. 

The next is an IOP program in Massachusetts

An IOP in MA meets three days a week for 5-hour sessions. These also include individual and group therapy sessions. Finally, there are outpatient addiction treatment programs in MA. These are 1-2 days a week and help the individual stay connected and receive support from knowledgeable staff and the community that cares about them.

Types of Therapy at a PHP or IOP Outpatient Day Treatment in MA

There are many types of therapy that are involved when someone is recovery from drugs and alcohol. At Paramount Recovery Centers in Southborough, MA we make sure to expose the individual to a vast plethora of modalities that can help them relate. These include:

If you have more questions about how a PHP or IOP outpatient addiction treatment center in MA can help you with you or a loved one’s substance use disorder, please don’t hesitate to call (833) 772-7287.

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