Helping a loved one get help for alcohol addiction involves understanding, compassion, and finding the right resources and support to guide them on the path to recovery.

Helping A Parent Struggling With Alcohol Abuse

You keep finding empty bottles every morning, and you hear yelling at night.

But what can you do when you’re one of the 6.6 million kids who live with at least one alcoholic parent? Alcohol addiction affects a lot of families in Massachusetts, but there are ways to get a loved one’s help.

There are people who can help, and you can help your dad get that help. It takes a little bit of courage and a ton of love, but recovery is possible!

We’ve put together a guide to teach you all about the best men’s rehab program and how to get your dad there. Keep reading to find out how to start the recovery journey today!

how to get my dad out of severe alcohol addiction