Treating Drug Addiction in Massachusetts through PHP and IOP

For many years, substance abuse and drug addiction have been significant issues in Massachusetts. Massachusetts continues to have one of the country’s highest rates of substance abuse and drug addiction. It has only just begun to conduct the treatment programs it requires to tackle addiction-related concerns.

Massachusetts has refocused attention on addiction treatment through a range of projects like intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), including virtual IOP and evening IOP for individuals who suffer from substance abuse disorder.

What is Included in a PHP and IOP in Massachusetts?

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) and an intensive outpatient program (IOP) are types of substance abuse therapy. Individuals who suffer from substance abuse disorder go to a treatment facility for a few hours several times a week. Usually, standard outpatient treatments require less time than an IOP. However, in IOP, people do not have to live at an institution like inpatient treatment.

Intensive outpatient treatment sessions are usually held in the morning or evening on weekdays. PHP, on the other hand, requires more time each day in treatment. However, it still allows clients to return home at the end of each session. Group therapy is the main focus of these programs, although it may include individual counseling and job placement aid. The majority of the treatments are 90 days long and include drug screening.

Is IOP the Right Choice?

Intensive outpatient programs offer a high level of care while allowing you to live at home.

If you meet the following criteria, an IOP may be suitable for you:

  • You’ve completed medical detox and are moving onto a less intensive level of treatment.
  • You have obligations at home or at work that you can’t ignore.
  • You don’t require round-the-clock care.
  • You can commit to the program’s requirements.

Paramount Recovery Centers in Southborough, MA will tailor your therapy to your specific needs in an IOP. Every phase of your rehabilitation can help you come closer to long-term sobriety.

Required Duration for IOP Therapy for Drug Addiction in Massachusetts

IOP does not have a set time duration. Instead, your treatment duration will be determined by your team.

The duration may vary based upon different factors like:

  • Your addiction’s severity.
  • History of previous treatment sessions.
  • Your willingness to join the treatment program and your participation in it.
  • Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.
  • Traumas and triggers may increase the risk of relapse.

Following IOP, many people shift to basic outpatient treatment. You’ll typically receive assistance for three to six hours each week once you’ve joined.

Paramount Recovery Center’s IOP in MA for Drug Addiction

When you come to Paramount Recovery Centers for IOP in Massachusetts, we aim to make you feel as welcome as possible. We recognize that many individuals dependent on drugs or alcohol struggle to deal with trauma, rage, guilt, or anxiety. We will do everything possible to make guests feel at ease and secure as they undergo substance abuse treatment.

We provide various options for men’s and women’s IOP in MA, including Virtual IOP and Evening IOP. You can learn more about our intensive outpatient program by giving us a call or reaching us through our online contact form.

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