How Are Drug Rehab Programs in MA the Best Choice for Drug Addiction?

The CDC reports that in America, 1 in 14 people struggle with a form of substance use disorder. This means that many of us know someone or will know someone in the future who struggles with addiction. Going even further, 1 in every 6 adults struggle with binge drinking.

Although the statistics are alarmingly high, there’s still a large stigma around addiction and how it can be treated. There are many different types of alcohol and drug rehab programs that vary in different ways.

For anyone who struggles with substance use disorder, whether it’s with drugs or alcohol, recovery is possible and support is available.

Keep reading to learn more about why drug rehab programs for addiction treatment in MA are the first step on the road to recovery.

Benefits of Drug Rehab Programs in Massachusetts

When fighting addiction in the real world, it can be very difficult to resist cravings and feel in control of the surrounding world. When in a safe environment such as a drug rehab program, the central goal is to help people recover.

It’s much easier to avoid triggers and resist cravings while in an environment designed to help individuals who are struggling. It can also be much safer to stop using drugs and alcohol in an environment like this.

Surprisingly, quitting alcohol cold turkey without support or supervision is not always the answer. It can cause some severe withdrawal symptoms in the body and brain.

When the brain is used to having alcohol there constantly, it also gets used to the chemicals that the alcohol helps produce in the brain. The more a person drinks alcohol, the more the brain will rely on it to create these chemicals.

By quitting alcohol use after drinking excessively, the chemical levels in the brain will change which can lead to mental health struggles such as severe anxiety and/or depression.

Quitting heroin, fentanyl, or other opiates while not deadly will feel like the worst flu you have ever had.

This is one of the major benefits of a drug rehab program in Massachusetts. It allows people to end harmful habits in safe ways that can lead to a more effective recovery.

Another major benefit is the support people can receive not only from their professional services but also from their peers. Other people within the program likely have very similar struggles to one another, and they can bond through this.

These positive relationships between peers are extremely important when things get difficult and someone feels ready to give up. The support from professional services is helpful as well.

Many drug rehab programs in MA often include mental health counseling and other therapy sessions throughout the recovery process. Substance abuse disorders and mental health struggles often go hand in hand.

So, having this opportunity for counseling and/or therapy can help patients learn a lot about themselves and the root of their addiction struggles. When they better understand the root of the problem, they can treat it and work through it better.

Types of Drug Rehab Programs in Massachusetts

Depending on the severity of the drug or alcohol addiction and some other life circumstances, there are many different types of drug rehab programs available in Massachusetts.

Some programs are residential, which means the patient stays at a facility full-time while receiving recovery support. This allows for more intensive, around-the-clock care.

However, there are also many different types of intensive outpatient programs in Massachusetts that do not require living at a facility full-time. Through these programs, the patient is still able to receive highly intensive care while also being able to live through their normal routines.

Patients attending IOP in MA follow a daily treatment schedule but return home during the evening. Substance abuse therapists evaluate each patient to assess their needs and get a better idea of what works best for each of them. Based on this, they will receive a customized treatment plan.

There are a few different types of IOPs and other programs, so let’s break them down.

Virtual IOP in Massachsuetts

Paramount Recovery Centers Virtual IOP in Massachusetts is a type of intensive outpatient program that allows patients to receive treatment through virtual care. During the height of COVID-19, many people struggled with addiction because they were unable to get their usual in-person treatment.

This changes that for them, and we hope that through this virtual care we can reach more people who need our support.

Evening IOP in Massachusetts

Paramount Recovery Centers Evening IOP in Massachusetts allows patients to have their normal daily routine and then come for treatment during the evening. This can be a great option for people who have children, work, or go to school during the day.

A big part of recovery is getting back into a normal routine, and this can be the perfect first step to achieving that.

Gender-Specific Drug Rehab Groups in Massachusetts

Gender-specific groups are very important types of rehab programs. It can often be difficult for people to open up about their struggles if they’re in an uncomfortable environment.

Sometimes, being around the opposite gender can cause some discomfort and prevent people from fully opening up. So these groups sometimes allow patients to feel safer and more supported when working through their struggles.

Separate-gender groups also allow them to tackle issues that are more specific to men or women. The challenges that men and women face when it comes to addiction can be very different.

Paramount Recovery Centers Men’s Drug Rehab in MA can sometimes be difficult to find. There’s often a lot of pressure on men to hide their feelings to appear strong. Because of this, they’re generally less likely to express their emotions.

Our Women’s IOP in MA has its own set of challenges as well. Women and men learn and express emotions very differently, so women-focused groups allow for a more impactful experience. They can feel supported by other women and uplift their peers as well.

How to Find Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Ma

Finding the right drug rehab programs can sometimes be overwhelming when there are so many choices. Each type of program has its benefits, and each of them makes recovery possible.

However, the first step a person struggling with addiction must make is to admit that they’re ready to get help. This can be one of the hardest parts of the entire process.

We know this process isn’t always easy, but we’re here to help. Visit our site today for more information on the types of IOPs and other programs we offer.

Congratulations, you’ve already taken the first step.

Finding Addiction Treatment in MA

What types of treatment for SUD are available in MA? When they picture an addiction treatment center, most people think of intensive inpatient rehabilitation. However, there are many other options, including:

The benefit of diverse therapy and programs is that it helps various individuals. Addiction treatment therapy can also include loved ones and family members who can help support an individual once they have left or transitioned to another rehabilitation program.


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