2 Helpful Treatments for Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol

Partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient programs are helpful, but they have different roadmaps. However, all substance use treatment paths will lead to the finish line. Freedom from addiction to drugs and alcohol in Massachusetts.

Partial Hospitalization Program in Massachusetts

A partial hospitalization program in Massachusetts is a short-term treatment option for addiction. All patients who enroll are monitored.

The following therapies are commonly associated with a PHP.

Group Therapy in Massachusetts

Group therapy is a social experience. It involves one therapist and a small group. Here are five forms of group therapy:

  • Psychoeducation group therapy: This form of therapy is purely educational. A therapist will only talk about the consequences of substance abuse.
  • Cognitive behavior group therapy: Cognitive behavior therapy focuses on problematic thinking and relapse prevention.
  • Support group therapy: Helpful discussions and collaborative problem-solving are encouraged in a support group.
  • Skill development: This therapy helps group members manage their addiction.
  • Interpersonal groups: All patients in this group are tested. A therapist monitors everyone’s performance, interactions, emotional development, and impulsive tendencies.

Meditation to help drug and alcohol addiction

When used correctly, meditation can help patients cope with issues that fuel their substance use. It takes time to master, but it’s highly recommended because it can train the mind, regulate negative emotions, and ease cravings.

Using Creative Expression in Addiction Treatment

Creative expression helps patients manage their feelings so that they can direct their negative energy toward other outlets.

Individual Therapy for Addiction Treatment Centers

Individual therapy is normally a job for a psychologist, but a social worker, a psychiatrist, or a counselor could take charge as well. This therapy focuses on a patient’s negative emotions on the road to recovery. Most people prefer this therapy over group therapy because

  • It ensures confidentiality.
  • It enables one-on-one counseling.
  • It allows convenient scheduling.
  • The appointment is fast.

Family Therapy to Help Facilitate Addiction Treatment for Drugs and Alcohol

Family therapy is a form of psychological counseling. It improves social interactions and resolves conflicts. In MA, this therapy is usually led by a therapist, a social worker, or a psychologist.

Intensive Outpatient Program in Massachusetts

Intensive outpatient programs in Massachusetts allow people to treat their addiction on their time. These programs are convenient and flexible because they do not demand 24-hour supervision.

There are many options for IOP in MA. For example, there is a course of action for alcohol addiction. It typically requires counseling, but medications may be used to reduce a patient’s urge to drink. There is also a program for a benzo addiction. This type of addiction will require a different mindset because the withdrawal symptoms can be emotionally and physically painful. People who suffer from other forms of addiction can enroll in an IOP program for

The road to recovery starts with a treatment at the Paramount Recovery Center. We provide

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Paramount Recovery Center’s Substance Use Disorder Treatment in MA for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

When you come to Paramount Recovery Centers IOP in Massachusetts, we aim to make you feel as welcome as possible. We recognize that many individuals dependent on drugs or alcohol struggle to deal with trauma, rage, guilt, or anxiety. We will do everything possible to make guests feel at ease and secure.

We provide various options for men’s and women’s IOP in MA, including Virtual IOP and Evening IOP. You can learn more about our intensive outpatient program by giving us a call or reaching us through our online contact form.

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