10 Issues Men Face in Addiction Recovery

Between April 2020 and April 2021 there were over 100,000 drug-related deaths in the US.

Substance abuse is a huge issue that many people suffer from. Most sufferers want to quit their substance usage, but it’s never easy. Many challenges stand in the way, and some of these can be more significant for men than they are for women.

If you’re looking for a Men’s alcohol or drug rehab in MA, Paramount Recovery Centers can help. Our Men’s Rehab Program takes certain factors into account to provide the best help possible.

For 10 issues that men face in addiction recovery, keep reading.

1. Men are More Prone to Substance Use Disorder

This isn’t absolute across the board, as with some drugs, the abuse level is similar between men and women. In general, however, with many drugs, more men are abusing them than women. Alcohol is one of the most significant issues men face in Addiction. Men are two to three more likely to abuse alcohol, for example.

Women tend to see substance abuse as more dangerous than men, so are less likely to do it. This also means there’s more chance of men abusing drugs during or after receiving medical drug treatment.

Women are often introduced to specific drugs by intimate partners that already use them, and men are more likely to use drugs with friends or on their own.

2. Men are More Resistant to Seeking Help

10 Issues Men Face in Addiction RecoveryWhile we provide excellent addiction treatment in MA, we can only do so much if people don’t want help. When growing up, men are encouraged to be more independent and self-reliant. They often want to do things without anyone else’s help.

While it’s possible, kicking a drug addiction is far more difficult for someone on their own. With our drug and alcohol rehab in MA, you can get help from trained professionals who have experience helping people stop using drugs. Accepting this help can make a huge difference in your effort to quit, so it’s not something to ignore.

3. Men are More Reluctant to Share

Group sessions can be very effective for beating addictions. It helps to be around other people who are aiming for the same goal. One issue here, however, is that it requires sharing, which men often don’t like to do.

When someone has a hard time articulating their emotions and allowing themselves to be vulnerable, it can make it harder for them to come to terms with their situation. This can be even more of an issue if someone feels the need to uphold a certain image or reputation.

4. Men are Generally Less Social

When people feel alone, it can lead to addiction or make it worse. Having a solid support network can have a significant impact on your addiction recovery journey. With friends and family supporting you, your chances of relapsing will be lower, and you’ll have people to talk to whenever you need it.

Sometimes men aren’t as comfortable making new friends as women are. This can result in a weaker support network and a more challenging time quitting.

5. Men Have a Higher Risk of Relapse

It’s been found that men are more likely to relapse than women, and it’s believed that this is related to how patients engage with their treatment.

Women tend to make more of an effort to attend group therapy sessions for example. Attending fewer sessions means less overall help, resulting in a greater chance of a relapse. Taking part in our MA drug rehab sessions will lower your risk of relapse and keep you on track to recovery.

6. Men Struggle More With Positive Emotions

It’s normal to expect that negative emotions can make it harder to stop drug use. What’s more of a surprise is that positive emotions can have similar results.

After a relapse, women are more likely to experience negative emotions, while men are more likely to experience positive ones. The issue with this is that these positive emotions can cause you to let down your guard. This can in turn, lead to a relapse if you’re not careful.

7. Men are More Prone to Co-Occurring Mental Health Issues

There’s a strong correlation between drug abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. This is no more common in men than it is in women, but the types of mental health issues that men tend to develop are more closely linked with drug addiction.

Some of these issues men face in addiction are things like schizophrenia, ADHD, and antisocial personality disorder. These can increase the risk of addiction, so may cause more men to abuse drugs.

8. Men Tend to Have Undiagnosed Psychiatric Disorders

Psychiatric issues can lead to drug abuse and get in the way of addiction recovery. This means that to take an effective stand against your drug addiction, you first need to know if you suffer from any such issues.

As discussed above, men are more reluctant to share and often don’t have the best support networks. Things like this mean men are less likely to be aware if they have any psychiatric disorders, which can make the overall recovery process more difficult.

9. Men Have a Stronger Belief in Their Own Self Control

It’s not uncommon for men to think they’re more independent, and this can make recovery more difficult. After maintaining sobriety for a certain amount of time, men are more likely to think they can use their drug of choice without becoming addicted again.10 Issues Men Face in Addiction Recovery

In reality, it’s very rare that someone won’t fall back into substance abuse at this point. Many people don’t even think about issues like this, so in our MA alcohol rehab program, we try to make it clear that people should never overestimate their ability to use a drug and not relapse.

10. Men Sometimes have Anger Management Issues

The emotions that people experience when going through addiction treatment vary. One emotion that men tend to experience more than women is anger. Without taking this into account, it can be very difficult for men to manage their emotions effectively throughout their treatment.

Paramount Men’s Rehab Program in Massachusetts

Dealing with these issues can be challenging for anyone, but you don’t need to do it alone. At Paramount Recovery Centers, we offer a men’s rehab program that can help you deal with addiction and get yourself back on track.

If you have any questions about our centers or how they can benefit you, click here to contact us today.

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