How Do You Know if Someone Has a Drug Problem?

If you suspect a loved one of having a substance use issue, you must get the proper addiction treatment in MA.

Convincing someone to seek treatment for their addiction isn’t easy. The first step is being sure they have a drug problem. Someone will rarely admit to being an individual addicted to drugs, so you need to know what signs to look for.

In this post, we’re going to tell you how to know if someone has a drug problem. Once you recognize these telltale signs, you’ll have to seek the right men’s or women’s rehab program to treat them.

Addiction kills nearly 100,000 Americans per year. We’ll help you read the signs and get your loved ones the care they need.

Behavioral Signs

A person’s addiction becomes clear through how they act and look. Before admitting them to a women’s or men’s rehab program, there are numerous behavioral signs to keep an eye out for.How Do You Know if Someone Has a Drug Problem?

The most common behavioral trait of an addict is irritability. When they start to undergo changes in their personality that affect the people around them, it could have to do with drugs. They may stop showing up to family functions, avoid friends, and lie about where they’ve been and what they’ve been doing.

You may also notice a degree of lethargy that signals depression when drugs aren’t available. This shift in their priorities likely means that the addiction has taken hold and the drug only satiates them.

If they start to get into legal trouble in efforts to find drugs or money for drugs, it’s time to step in and convince them to enter drug rehab in MA.

Physical Signs

A person with substance use disorder’s appearance will change drastically, and they use drugs more frequently. If you notice that they’ve always got bloodshot or glazed eyes with dilated pupils, it could mean they’re either high or in withdrawal.

They may undergo abrupt weight changes from not getting proper nutrients from food and taking on an unkempt appearance from drug use and lack of sleep. If it’s awful, they may live in squalor, resulting in body odor, marks on the skin, and poor hygiene.

They also may be able to hide it in plain sight. There are many functional users of that slip through the cracks but need help as well.

Usually, you’ll know it’s time to seek addiction treatment when you notice a combination of these physical and behavioral signs. It’ll start with a behavioral shift, like avoiding gatherings and neglecting responsibilities. When these are coupled with significant changes in appearance, you need to get them into rehab as soon as you can.

Getting the Right Addiction Treatment

Knowing that someone is addicted to drugs through these signs and getting them into addiction treatment are two different battles. You have to be sensitive and patient when convincing them to seek help. It starts with knowing where you can get them the proper support.

At Paramount Recovery Centers, we specialize in drug and alcohol rehab in MA. Using innovative and comprehensive practices, we can get your loved one the best treatment for their addiction.

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