Why Outpatient Addiction Treatment Is the Best in Massachusetts

The term ‘outpatient treatment’ refers to any psychotherapy service given to a patient, not in a hospital, residential program, or any other inpatient setting. Addiction treatment in Massachusetts is one such type of this service. Anyone who needs a men’s or women’s rehab program in MA may find that outpatient addiction treatment is preferable to the inpatient version in several ways.

If you’re one of these individuals, read on to learn how outpatient drug and/or alcohol rehab in MA can positively impact your life.

Detox Amongst Friends and Family

Any alcohol and/or drug rehab in MA will require you to detox. This means you will need to slowly reduce the amount of an addictive substance you take or quit it entirely. Doing this at an inpatient rehab facility in MA may become overly stressful for you.

Detoxing comes with several medical complications. Medical staff can provide the necessary medical care while you undergo this process. However, they cannot provide you the emotional security your family and friends can.

Outpatient addiction treatment in MA will allow you to fulfill your emotional needs by being close to your friends and family. You will also still have access to medical staff during appointments.

Keep Your Job

By law, you cannot lose your job when participating in a women’s or men’s rehab program. However, you likely won’t be paid for your time in an inpatient facility.

Such a situation can be difficult if you need to provide for your family. You may also find that a long leave of absence can threaten your position at work.

Meetings for an outpatient addiction treatment program can be scheduled around your work. You will not have to take any time out of your work schedule. Your wages and status will thus remain intact.

Lower Cost

The cost is a big reason why you may refuse to sign up for a drug and/or alcohol rehab program. An outpatient program can cost around four times less than an inpatient one. Inpatient treatment may cost around $40,000 while outpatient treatment can cost $10,000, for example.

While this may still seem like a fair amount, remember that you’ll have more control over the prices you pay for other needs. Much of the inpatient cost comes from fulfilling your housing and food needs while you stay in a rehab facility. How high or low they are in this situation is often out of your control.

Get Inpatient or Outpatient Addiction Treatment at Our Rehab Centers in MA

As you can see, outpatient addiction treatment is a far more flexible rehab program. It can help you recover from addiction without severely interrupting your everyday life and causing you stress.

If you’re ready to fight your addiction in MA, consider using our psychotherapy services. We combine environment enrichment with respectful, compassionate care that tailors our strategies to each patient’s needs. Contact us today to check for available beds or learn about our intensive outpatient program.

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