A relapse prevention plan is a proactive strategy designed to identify and address triggers, providing individuals in recovery with tools and coping mechanisms to maintain sobriety and prevent setbacks.

A Plan For Long-Term Recovery

Without a plan in place, it isn’t easy to accomplish your goals. When battling addiction, it is even more so.

A relapse prevention plan is a written document that you and your counselors collaborate on to guide you through the rehab process so that you are assured of the best chances of successfully recovering from addiction. By having a plan in place, you are prepared for what lies ahead.

At Paramount Recovery Centers, our team sets people up for long-term success in recovery with our aftercare treatment program. We can help you develop a relapse prevention plan that keeps you away from drug or alcohol use. Learn more about avoiding relapse in addiction recovery by contacting our team at (978) 878-3677.

what is a relapse prevention plan