How Do I Get Over My Substance Use Disorder Problem?

Statistics prove that the pandemic was disastrous for our collective mental health. Starting or increasing substance use was a problem for about 25% of essential workers in 2020.

Now that we’ve all endured two more years of the pandemic stress, that number is likely higher. Not only is substance use on the rise, but there are also limited rehab options. That’s because of the pandemic, reduced revenue, and other issues.

Don’t feel discouraged or out of hope. There is a drug rehab in MA you can rely on to bring you through these tough times. Read on to get more insight on how to get over your addiction now and forever.

1. Identify Your Substance Use Disorder

First off, you’ll have to identify your substance use and abuse for what it is. If you don’t think you have a problem, then no amount of counsel or rehab can help you. Change must start from within.

Start to take note of how your substance use is impacting your life. Be honest with yourself, but also be sure not to be too hard on yourself. Start to pay attention to how you feel when you’re withdrawing.

2. Start Thinking About Why You Want to Quit

Once you identify the problem, start to ponder on the negative aspects of the addiction. Are substances getting between you and your career? Are your relationships starting to struggle? Is your health on the decline?

All these are reasons to quit. Rather than letting them get you down, use them as your motivation!

3. Make an Addiction Treatment Plan

Next, make an addiction treatment plan for yourself. Every person’s situation is unique, so your treatment plan should be, too.

Depending on the substance and your level of addiction, you might need medical help to get clean. If that’s the case, consider looking into rehabs in your area.

4. Get Support

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do everything on your own. You likely need support.

Find your tribe by considering a specific rehab program. A men’s rehab program, for instance, will be only for men. A women’s rehab program will focus on issues typical for females.

5. Stay Consistent and Persistent

One of the biggest rehabilitation problems is failing to stay consistent. Do your best to remain persistent after you leave rehab. If you feel you need another rehab session, then don’t hesitate to join one.

Are You Interested in Drug Rehab in MA?

The best drug rehab in MA will help you go through all the steps above AND more. They’ll help you address physical addiction while also focusing on mental aspects, too.

If you can thrive through the program and then remain consistent, then you’ll be on the path to freedom. If you do fall off your path, then don’t feel like all hope’s lost. Simply get back up and back onto the path of recovery.

Are you ready to seek out addiction treatment in MA? The staff here at Paramount Recovery Centers would love to help you along your journey. Contact us now to learn more about whether our rehab facility is right for you.

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