5 Risks of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol affects every part of the body. And not in a positive way. Excessive drinking can cause lifelong damage to the physical body. From damage to organs to brain shrinking, the myriad complications related to alcohol abuse are why it is so important to consider entering an alcohol addiction treatment center if you are unable to control your alcohol intake or have severe alcoholism. Alcoholism is the most challenging of the alcohol use disorders to treat, and the withdrawals can be life-threatening if not under medical supervision. The specter of relapsing hangs over you during this stage and is hard to resist. This is why it is vital that you enter an alcohol treatment center as soon as possible. Every day you stay in the grip of alcoholism is a lost day that you can never get back.

At Paramount Recovery Centers, our alcohol addiction treatment program has proven to be an effective step for many people seeking recovery. If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol abuse, reach out to our team today by completing our convenient online form.

5 Risks of Alcohol Abuse in MA

1. Pancreatitis

Over 70% of cases of pancreatitis are alcohol-related. The cause is a chemical reaction created by alcohol dependence that inflames the pancreas.

2. Liver Disease

When alcohol metabolizes in the liver, it turns toxic. Alcohol abuse can cause an irreversible metabolic condition known as fatty liver, where too much fat is produced by the changes in the liver’s metabolism.

3. A Shrinking Brain

Alcohol use disorder can cause the frontal lobes of the brain to shrink. This also causes problems with cognitive function.

4. Cancer

Many forms of cancer are caused by excessive drinking. Smoking tobacco and drinking too much combine to increase the chances of contracting cancer in the respiratory and upper gastrointestinal tracts.

5. Heart Disease

Heart disease can be caused by high blood pressure due to alcoholism.

Alcoholism in MA

Alcohol addiction makes you take unnecessary chances with your life. From organ failure to brain damage to cancer, the myriad consequences of excessive drinking can cause irreversible deterioration to the body and mind. Even if you are able to quit on your own, by bypassing an alcohol addiction treatment program in MA, you will miss out on valuable addiction treatment therapies that can prevent you from relapsing and help you reckon with why you started down this path to self-destruction. This is not just an opportunity to get sober; it is an opportunity to recalibrate your life and give you a new purpose. Your friends and family miss the old you. Let’s reintroduce them to the sober version of yourself. It’s been too long.

When drinking alcohol becomes a preoccupation and a growing problem, needing more drinks to feel the same high you felt previously and causing you to make bad decisions and behave inappropriately, you may have an alcohol use disorder. To continue drinking even though it is causing you trouble physically and socially is another sign that something must be done, or there could be some irreversible damage down the line.

Withdrawal Symptoms

These are many of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, such as:

  • Sweating
  • Shaking
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

Alcohol Addiction Therapy Programs in MA

At Paramount Recovery Centers in Southborough, MA, our varied alcohol addiction treatment therapy programs will allow you to regain your sobriety by utilizing these very effective programs.

Some of our therapy programs include:

Overcome the Risks of Alcohol Abuse at Paramount Recovery Centers Today

Alcohol use disorder can place your body under extreme hardship and can produce long-lasting deleterious effects. If you are experiencing symptoms of drinking too much, you should consider seeking out an alcohol addiction treatment center.

At Paramount Recovery Centers located in Southborough, Massachusetts, we use the 12-Step method as a focal point for all our other therapies to interact with and utilize the full range of their methodologies. We provide luxurious accommodations in a peaceful and quiet environment. We can be reached online for you to take the first step on your journey to wellness and recovery.



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