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5 Benefits of a Family Therapy Program

A family therapy program is a type of counseling designed to foster better, healthier, and more productive communication between family members and resolve conflicts that may exist within families. Through family counseling sessions, you, your siblings, and your parents will be taught a series of skills and methods that may improve your relationships, build bridges between each other, and see your loved ones in a better light.

If your family is struggling to get along, maybe because someone is struggling with a substance use disorder, the family therapy program at Paramount Recovery may be part of the solution. Within a family therapy program, there are many potential benefits for those involved. Learn more when you contact us online today

5 Benefits of a Family Therapy Program

1. Strengthening Bonds

The main benefit of a family therapy program is that it strengthens the bonds between family members that may have been damaged by addiction, trauma, or mental health disorders.

2. Managing Stress

Often, stress is a factor in fractured family relationships. Part of family therapy is learning how to better manage stress so that it doesn’t get in the way of the family dynamic.

3. Improving Relationships

Family therapy can even improve relationships between partners and resolve conflicts between parents and children. With enhanced skills learned in family therapy, families can enjoy renewed relationships.

4. Coping with Mental Health Disorders

Mental health disorders may be at the heart of why family members have disagreements. Finding ways to cope with mental health disorders is part of family therapy.

5. Addressing the Impact of Substance Use Disorder

When a family member is stuck in the endless cycle of addiction, it can damage familial relationships. By addressing the impact of substance abuse, family members can reconnect.

How Does a Family Therapy Program Work?

Facilitated by a psychologist, clinical social worker, or licensed therapist, a family therapy program is a short-term approach to repairing the lines of communication within the family dynamic. Family counseling may include all members of your family or only those willing and able to participate in the regularly scheduled family therapy sessions. During a family therapy program, your treatment plan will be custom-tailored to address the specific issues you are facing and if there is substance abuse playing a role in the conflicts being experienced between family members.

What to Expect During Family Counseling

During a typical family therapy program, several members will be together in the same room for family therapy sessions. That said, individuals may also opt to see a trained family therapist on a one-on-one basis.

Family counseling sessions typically last one hour or less and tend to run for roughly a dozen sessions. Of course, the exact number of sessions needed to accomplish the goals you and your family have for the therapy may be different based on the therapist’s professional recommendation.

During family therapy, you can expect to be asked to:

  • Discuss ways in which each member of the family can better express their emotions, ideas, and thoughts in a healthy and productive manner
  • Explore the behaviors and roles that exist within your family in order to pinpoint the issues that are contributing to the conflicts and then work to find constructive methods of solving those issues
  • Identify the strengths of each member of your family, and discuss ways to effectively utilize those strengths to improve the family as a unit
  • Develop empathy and understanding of the different struggles facing your family members as they work through matters of mental health and substance abuse
  • Find common ground allowing you to relate to each other
  • Set goals and work to achieve them

Experience the Benefits of Family Therapy at Paramount Recovery Centers

No matter how complex your family dynamic is, if you are struggling to see eye to eye and have healthy relationships, our family therapy program at Paramount Recovery Centers can help. Contact us today by using our secure online form to learn more about our family therapy program in MA.

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