What Is Partial Hospitalization Treatment in Massachusetts?

A partial hospitalization program (often known as PHP) in Massachusetts provides intensive care for guests suffering from severe substance use disorders. Through partial hospitalization treatment in MA, you will receive the care you need over the course of several hours each day while you continue to live at home. In a partial hospitalization program in MA, guests at Paramount Recovery Centers will slowly transition out of intensive care with the life skills, coping mechanisms, and essential resources necessary to live a healthier life with freedom and dignity.

If you would like to learn more about how partial hospitalization treatment may help your recovery from a substance use disorder in MA, consult our medical professionals at Paramount Recovery Centers by contacting us online today. Our partial hospitalization program in Massachusetts may be just what you need to embrace recovery.

What Is Partial Hospitalization Treatment in Massachusetts?

The name of this program can be confusing because the word hospital is at the center of it. You will not be spending time in a hospital setting during your partial hospitalization treatment in MA. Instead, you will receive therapy, treatment, and care during the day in a safe, non-hospital facility and then return to your home afterward.

Partial hospitalization treatment programs in MA can help with mental health issues as well as most types of substance abuse addiction. PHP is an option if residential treatment is not something you are willing to consider or cannot afford to be away from your family, the workplace, or school, but you still want access to skilled and compassionate support with personalized treatment plans that can address you as a whole person.

Who Could Benefit from a Partial Hospitalization Treatment in MA?

A partial hospitalization program is often beneficial for those individuals who are experiencing distressing situations in their life, such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Addiction
  • Substance use disorders
  • Emotional crises
  • Destructive behavior

How Does Partial Hospitalization Program in MA Work?

After a medical assessment of your addiction and any co-occurring mental health issues, it may be that an inpatient addiction treatment program in MA is ultimately not the perfect fit for you, your family, and your situation. Your unique set of struggles, personality, and specific life circumstances may not demand this level of care or if you cannot be away from home while receiving treatment for substance use disorder. However, this is when partial hospitalization is necessary and is successful, it is because partial hospitalization treatment offers benefits such as:

  • You work with professionals – During a partial hospitalization program, guests are provided with a support network that is tailored to their needs. You will encounter and have access to a wealth of professionals during your PHP.
  • Access to individual and group therapy – You will receive therapy one-on-one as well as with a group. These two approaches will help you focus on your issues and emotions while also being held accountable and taking on new ideas and feedback from the group. During a partial hospitalization treatment in MA, the therapy will teach you more about your addiction and mental health, your needs, and the coping mechanisms to help you during a lifetime of recovery.
  • Intense treatmentPartial hospitalization treatment in MA is a significantly more intensive program than traditional outpatient treatment. You will overcome your addiction by spending more quality time engaging in the treatments and therapies developed to help you succeed.
  • Effective outpatient care – Partial hospitalization treatment is not a residential plan for overcoming addiction. Instead, it allows you to continue living in your own home, providing it is a safe environment for recovery, and do the work to overcome your addiction and resolve your mental health struggles.

Begin to Heal from Addiction at Paramount Recovery Centers

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