The Different Types of Drug Addictions In Massachusetts

Over the years, you’ve likely heard that pot and alcohol are ‘gateway drugs that can lead to drug addiction. Do you know what researchers say is the biggest gateway drug of all, though?

If you guessed childhood trauma, then you’d be right!

Overwhelming research proves that traumatic experiences lead to drug use. Why? Substance abuse can become a person’s way of coping with emotional distress.

The bad news is that this coping mechanism can lead to addiction problems over time. Addictions may mean you need a men’s rehab or women’s rehab program to help.

Keep reading to learn more about the different ways you can become addicted to drugs and how our drug and alcohol rehab near you can help.

Psychological Drug Addiction in Massachusetts

One of the top reasons that addictions develop is because of the psychology of the person who is using the drug. Below, we’ll review a few ways mental and emotional drug addictions can form.

Coping With Trauma by Self Medicating

As explained above, there’s a link between traumatic events and drug addiction. Often, a person starts using drugs to cope with the emotional distress of trauma.

Until the trauma gets addressed, drug use helps the person survive.

Non-Diagnosed Medical and Mental Conditions

Another reason people get drawn to drugs is to self-medicate. Sometimes, unknown medical or mental health issues exist. The person subconsciously seeks out what makes them feel better.

Don’t believe us? Did you know that undiagnosed ADHD leads to illegal stimulant use? Street speed or Meth has the same amphetamines found in Adderall, the medical treatment for ADHD.

Habitual Psychological Addiction

Mental addiction can also form as a result of chronic use. You might always smoke after eating, which has trained your body to expect it. It will take some mental work to break these bad habits.

Physical Drug Addiction: Symptoms and Treatments

Addiction isn’t all psychological. Repeated drug use can cause physical dependence and addiction.

Never underestimate the power of physical addiction.The Different Types of Drug Addictions In Massachusetts

Did you know that withdrawing from alcohol, for instance, could be life-threatening? The severity of withdrawal symptoms depends on how long you’ve been using the drug.

Do you experience physical symptoms when you don’t use it? If so, then you might need a medication-assisted treatment program.

How a Women’s and Men’s Rehab Program Can Help

Did the above descriptions of addiction resonate with you? If so, then you might wonder if addiction treatment in MA is right for you.

Rehab programs can help you build a new foundation to live by. They can help you manage withdrawal and learn new ways of coping. What’s more, you can make new friends who understand what you’re going through.

Whether you need alcohol rehab in MA or drug treatment, we’re here to serve you.

Are You Looking for a Good Drug Rehab in MA?

Identifying the roots of your addiction is only one step of your recovery journey. You might need a men’s rehab program or a women’s rehab program to help you succeed.

If you’re currently looking for addiction treatment in MA, then you can rely on our team. Reach out to Paramount Recovery Centers now to get more details about our programs.

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