3 Benefits of Aftercare Program

Your time at the Paramount Recovery Centers in Southborough, MA does not stop when you complete our PHP or IOP program in Massachusetts. You will be sent home with a plan for attending an aftercare program that will extend your addiction treatment to help you stay on the right track. Our aftercare treatment program in MA is an essential part of Paramount Recovery Centers’ services. If you are suffering from a drug or alcohol substance use disorder in MA and are ready to begin the path to recovery, reach out to us online today. You will begin to experience the benefits of an aftercare program in MA almost immediately after enrolling.

3 Benefits of Aftercare Program in Massachusetts

1. You Have A Support Network in Massachusetts

It takes a village to see a guest through drug and alcohol rehab in MA and into long-term recovery from addiction. As a person in recovery, you may have had to end toxic relationships with people who once loved, spent time with, and trusted. It is crucial for guests in Paramount Recovery Centers to spend quality time with peers facing similar struggles after PHP or IOP treatment in MA.

One of the major benefits of an aftercare program in MA is finding people with similar challenges, interests, likes, and dislikes. These are others in recovery who are just as committed to remaining on the right track as you are. You will learn from each other and grow stronger together through an aftercare program.

2. You Will Be Held Accountable By Peers

Accountability will not prevent a relapse, but being held accountable makes you think twice before doing something that may jeopardize your long-term addiction recovery plan. More often than not, a smart second thought before an unwise action is all that is needed to become more mindful. You will then have the opportunity, with a clearer head, to put your relapse prevention skills and coping mechanisms learned in an aftercare program to work.

3. Access to Professionals to Prevent A Relapse

During your rehab and treatment for addiction in MA, you had a steady stream of medical professionals caring for you, teaching you, listening to your thoughts, feeling, and struggles. This would have provided a level of security and safety that helped you succeed and reach the recovery phase. As one of our many Paramount Recovery Centers services, an aftercare program in MA extends your access to these people and tools. Studies have shown that aftercare significantly improves your chances of staying in recovery and avoiding relapse. One of the main reasons is that you maintain meaningful relationships with some of the trained team members who know your past and believe in your future.

The Importance of an Aftercare Program in Massachusetts

Statistics show that almost half of the people in recovery from addiction will relapse at least once. The benefits of an aftercare program in combating relapse are undeniable. A professional aftercare program, like the one at our Paramount Recovery Centers in Southborough, MA, can result in continued positive change after rehab and a better outcome for long-term success in recovery. In other words, aftercare helps people stay in recovery.Aftercare for addiction in MA | Paramount Recovery Centers in Southborough, MA | PHP IOP and OP in MA

During your outpatient PHP or IOP treatment, you have experienced various improvements in your health, relationships, and outlook on your future. Regressing into old ways and harmful habits from your past must be avoided, and an aftercare program is one of the best and most productive ways to accomplish this.

This is because it is too easy to relapse and let negative triggers and past trauma pull you back to a dark place. In the cocoon of a drug and alcohol rehab in MA, you had a network of people around you, professionals and peers who were working with and rooting for you. They reinforced your addiction therapy treatment plan daily or weekly on the green path toward a lifetime of recovery. Out of drug and alcohol rehab in MA, that safety net becomes looser, and regular life’s roadblocks and challenges can become too much to bear.

Maintain Recovery with the Aftercare Program at Paramount Recovery Centers

If you or someone you love is progressing through addiction treatment, contact Paramount Recovery Centers in Southborough, MA using our secure online form today. Our team of experts is ready to explain more about how our aftercare program can encourage a successful recovery.

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